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How Does the Chinese New Year Impact Rate Volatility?

Rate Volatility

On January 1, the Trans-Pacific Eastbound (TPEB) market saw a general rate increase (GRI) take effect, following months of plunging rate levels. On January 4, the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) posted figures that showed week over week increases of 98% on West Coast rates and 77% on East Coast rates. At the same time last year, the market experienced upward trends, and carrier rate levels into the West Coast were roughly 27% higher than current rates. With nine GRIs announced by carriers since January 2015 making a big impact on the market, it’s important to understand why the increases happened and how the upcoming Chinese New Year plays a role. » Read More

Conducting Business in India? Chances Are that You Could Be by 2025


There are three countries that conduct in excess of 500 billion dollars of bilateral trade with the United States. Only one of them is outside North America: China. But there is another country that’s making a strong case to join that elite group. If projections and recent rhetoric are to be believed, India will join China as the only non-North American countries in the $500 billion club by 2025. » Read More

Data Center: 4 Questions to Ask Your Logistics Provider


When shopping around for the right logistics provider, you’re bound to ask hundreds (if not thousands) of questions. It’s certainly important to understand a provider’s offerings, capabilities, network, and customer service standards; but asking about their data center is a vitally important aspect that is easy to overlook. People tend to forget that all of the tracking and reporting capabilities they want requires a lot of data—data that should always be available. So the next time you’re shopping for a new logistics provider, or if you’re working with one already, don’t forget to ask these four questions about their data center. » Read More

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch

2015 Transportfolio Blog Innovation

Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. It’s what propels us to ideate in stronger, more inspired ways, improve products, and streamline procedures. And, it’s what drives the future of supply chains. Innovations in technology and processes can impact your supply chain in many ways, like gaining visibility into your in-transit network or the reducing supply chain spend. That’s why it’s so important—and interesting—to stay on top of supply chain innovation.
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January Market Update: Transportation Industry News


We’re in the full swing of the new year, and eyes are on the many market influencers and disruptors that can affect the decisions you make for your business, from carrier capacity and the driver shortage to government regulations and legislation. This month, we highlight five key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America. We welcome your thoughts on these factors.
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