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Top Way to Make Freight Attractive: Reduce Detention

Top Way to Make Freight Attractive: Reduce Detention


Transportation prices fluctuate with supply and demand. When equipment is scarce, increase load acceptance by fixing carriers’ most-hated issue: detention.

In the “perfect market” of transportation, no single carrier and no single shipper control enough of the market to influence pricing. That makes things challenging as the market gets busier and there is more freight than equipment. Many shippers would say we are currently in a market such as this, where carriers can be choosier about who they will work with and what freight they will haul. They may compare customers at such times, rejecting loads from shippers who make it hard to do business in favor of those who make it easier and more efficient. » Read More

Personal Connections Define Top 3PLs

Personal Connections Define Top 3PLs

2014 Vote 3PL

In 2013, for the third year in a row, the readers of Inbound Logistics once again voted C.H. Robinson as the #1 top 3PL in the industry. We all know the numerous recognition programs in the marketplace, and that they often have different opinions for number one. Unlike some programs, Inbound Logistics’ program is based on the votes of customers—the people we work with every day. This recognition from the people we serve is the highest honor possible. Every vote is a vote of confidence and satisfaction for the service we provide, the relationships we appreciate, and the commitment we’ve made to the success of our customers. The approval of the people we work hard for is the best compliment we can ever receive. » Read More

Changing Customs Rules Will Make Mexico a Trade Force to be Reckoned With

Changing Customs Rules Will Make Mexico a Trade Force to be Reckoned With

Mexico Customs Rules

Rules will change soon for Mexican customs brokers and companies doing customs business in Mexico that should open doors for Mexican trade.

The new rules, which were passed in October 2013 and will be implemented in October 2014, reduce the number of obstacles to becoming a Mexican customs broker. » Read More

Can Supply Chain Leaders Take a Lesson from Sabermetrics?

A Winning Supply Chain Needs a Championship Team

baseball and logistics

It has been a long winter for most of us, but the first sign of spring is right around the corner. Baseball season is on the horizon. I can see it now. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze blowing across the baseball field as I sit and enjoy America’s pastime. » Read More