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5 Reasons to Look Forward to ACE Cargo Release

Tblog_AirCargo“Now that we are able to clear via eSTBs, our paperwork turnaround time is amazingly fast.”

“We can clear more shipments, earlier.”

These are just a few of the things C.H. Robinson employees are saying about piloting U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) software. While it’s taken CBP nearly a decade to develop the trade software, ACE is meant to streamline trade facilitation and support President Obama’s executive order mandating that all trade be facilitated electronically via a single platform by December 31, 2016. But what will this mean for your customs filings? » Read More

Be more Strategic about Your Supply Chain Sourcing


A strategic approach to sourcing what you need to keep your business moving can help avoid disruptions and stay competitive in today’s competitive market.

Interrupted supply chains can mean costly delays and unsatisfied customers. A strategic approach to obtaining what you need to keep your business and products moving—whether you’re sourcing raw materials, manufactured accessories, or transportation capacity—can help avoid unforeseen disruptions and create a competitive advantage in today’s changing market. So just how strategic are you when it comes to sourcing transportation capacity? Ask yourself these four questions:

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Market Update: Transportation Industry News


This month’s Market Update highlights some of the key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America, including the most recent Shippers Conditions Index (SCI) reading, which shows signs of improvement in overall market conditions. Read on for more on influencers impacting the transportation industry, and then share your thoughts on these topics. » Read More

Explosion in Tianjin

Marine Cargo

There were two massive explosions within the port premise of Tianjin, China yesterday. Early information suggests this was due to hazardous materials resulting in fatalities and multiple injuries.

As a result of this, the Port of Tianjin, which is the tenth largest port in the world, has suffered damages. At this time it seems specific terminals within the port complex operations have been temporarily impacted. We anticipate there will be delays given the overall damages sustained around the area which will impede the movements of containers both in and out of the terminals.

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