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Guest Post: Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?


Editor’s Note: Last week, Dr. Edgar Blanco contributed a blog post for Connect®. We’re sharing his original post here because Megacities are a relevant topic. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, Guest Post: Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?

Picture a truck delivering product in a traffic-choked megacity and physical obstacles such as a maze of one-way streets come to mind. But hindrances like these are manifestations of a more fundamental problem: constantly changing traffic regulations.

How do companies overcome regulatory speed bumps in sprawling urban areas where government is highly fragmented and the movement of passenger vehicles often takes precedence over freight flows? » Read More

Market Update: Transportation Industry News


In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. From monitoring carrier capacity and driver shortages to tracking diesel pricing, staying current on the events in transportation means you will be better equipped to make knowledgeable business decisions and drive growth and efficiency into your supply chain. The Market Update, a new monthly post highlighting key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America, will keep you up to speed on the latest news and topics that matter to your business. » Read More

Score a Supply Chain Touchdown Using Social Media

Social Media Supply Chain

It may be summer now, but thoughts of autumn are already in my head. For many people that means the leaves change colors, kids go back to school, and more comfortable temperatures are on their way. But for me, it also means football; specifically, college football. Sure, the NFL is the king of football, but that doesn’t stop me from watching and following my favorite college teams. I’m a Big Ten fan and my team is the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Many of you may be asking, “Minnesota has a college football team?” And the answer is, “Yes, they do.” And what’s more, at one time they were great. » Read More

Is it Time for a Cross-Border Checkup?

Mexico CrossBorder

It’s easy to understand the importance of routine checkups with medical professionals like doctors and dentists to gauge a body’s health. Many people have a similar approach with insurance policies or financial investments—annually verifying that the coverage or diversification is still appropriate. So, why wouldn’t you apply the same rigor to supply chains? » Read More

My Journey to a Career in Logistics

Career in Logistics

There are times in each of our lives when we decide to take a risk—starting a new job, building a new relationship, moving to a new city. What those risks are and when we’re willing to accept them into our lives is different for each of us. As I consider my choices, I realize how different my life would be if I hadn’t become a pricing analyst in the logistics industry or if I hadn’t accepted the role of global marketing coordinator in Asia earlier this year. » Read More