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About the Author

Alex Garza — General Manager

Alex Garza splits his time between providing oversight of C.H. Robinson’s consolidation centers in Laredo, Dallas, and El Paso and supporting C.H. Robinson’s businesses in Mexico. Previous to this role, Alex was general manager of C.H. Robinson’s Laredo office and the integration manager for the 2009 acquisition of U.S Customhouse broker International Trade & Commerce in Laredo. Alex started his C.H. Robinson career as an intern in 2000, and spent seven years in the San Antonio office in multiple positions.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door-to-Door Service Providers

Advantages of Door-to-Door Service Providers in U.S./Mexico Logistics | Transportfolio

cross border logistics

This is the first post in a series about U.S./Mexico cross-border shipping. Over the next several months, I’ll share what best in class customers look for in a U.S./Mexico cross-border logistics provider. International business comes with many complications: differing currencies, variable exchange rates, languages, times zones, governing laws, and even different business objectives. Top tier international organizations understand the value of reducing unnecessary complexity—something a door to door provider can help with.
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Is it Time for a Cross-Border Checkup?

Mexico CrossBorder

It’s easy to understand the importance of routine checkups with medical professionals like doctors and dentists to gauge a body’s health. Many people have a similar approach with insurance policies or financial investments—annually verifying that the coverage or diversification is still appropriate. So, why wouldn’t you apply the same rigor to supply chains? » Read More