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About the Author

Bob Biesterfeld — Chief Operating Officer

Bob Biesterfeld joined C.H. Robinson in 1999 and was named president of North American truckload in Winter of 2015. In his current role, Bob has responsibility for C.H. Robinson's strategic direction of North American truckload services, which includes carrier management, encompassing van, temperature control, and flatbed. In addition, Bob has oversight of standard operating procedures, quality standards, as well as alignment of carrier pricing and bid management to organizational sales and account management strategies. Previously, Bob served as vice president of sourcing and temperature controlled transportation services. In addition to his role at C.H. Robinson, Bob sits on the Produce Marketing Associations floral committee and is a member of the United Fresh Wholesaler/Distributor board. Bob holds a bachelor’s degree from Winona State University.

3 Reasons Carrier Initiatives Improve Supply Chains

3 Reasons Carrier Initiatives Improve Supply Chains. Transportfolio

Tblog_Nav carrier

Technology: it continues to drive efficiency and bring value to our industry. It’s made things better and improved our outcomes. That’s one of the reasons we launched a new technology for our contract carriers last week. We remain committed to bringing new and improved technology to our industry, to make things better—both for our contract carriers and our customers.
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How to Reduce Truckload Detention and Delays to Appeal to Carriers

Top Way to Make Freight Attractive: Reduce Detention


Transportation prices fluctuate with supply and demand. When equipment is scarce, increase load acceptance by fixing carriers’ most-hated issue: detention.

In the “perfect market” of transportation, no single carrier and no single shipper control enough of the market to influence pricing. That makes things challenging as the market gets busier and there is more freight than there is equipment. Many shippers would say we are currently in a market such as this, where carriers can be choosier about who they will work with and what freight they will haul. They may compare customers at such times, rejecting loads from shippers who make it hard to do business in favor of those who make it easier and more efficient. » Read More

Truck Driver Trivia: An Infographic of Obscure Facts

Truck Driver Trivia: An Infographic of Obscure Facts

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

It’s truck driver appreciation week 2015. All week, we’re celebrating the proud drivers who keep the world moving day in and day out. Every day professional drivers throughout the United States sacrifice time with their family and friends to ensure the goods we need on a daily basis are available. To show our appreciation for everything drivers do, we are giving away free audiobook downloads through Audible. Visit our Truck Driver Appreciation Page to learn how to get your free download.

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