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About the Author

Bob Biesterfeld — Chief Operating Officer

Bob Biesterfeld joined C.H. Robinson in 1999 and was named president of North American truckload in Winter of 2015. In his current role, Bob has responsibility for C.H. Robinson's strategic direction of North American truckload services, which includes carrier management, encompassing van, temperature control, and flatbed. In addition, Bob has oversight of standard operating procedures, quality standards, as well as alignment of carrier pricing and bid management to organizational sales and account management strategies. Previously, Bob served as vice president of sourcing and temperature controlled transportation services. In addition to his role at C.H. Robinson, Bob sits on the Produce Marketing Associations floral committee and is a member of the United Fresh Wholesaler/Distributor board. Bob holds a bachelor’s degree from Winona State University.

How Market Conditions Affect Carrier Decisions

transportfolio-truckload-pricingTransportation has been referred to as a “perfect market,” meaning no single party controls the entire market enough to affect rates. Instead, the market fluctuates based on supply and demand. If supply (equipment) is abundant and there is less freight available, rates go down; if capacity is tight and shipment volumes are greater, prices go up. How do these ebbs and flows in the market impact carrier-shipper relationships?

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Balancing Technology and Process to Maintain Your Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Maintaining a cold chain is a science, especially in today’s global market. There are numerous factors that must be considered at all times to secure the integrity of the temperature sensitive products being transported. Successful cold chains require planning, communication, and the right technology at every step of the journey. » Read More