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About the Author

Brent Nagy — Vice President, Enterprise Customer Strategy

Brent Nagy is vice president of Enterprise Customer Strategy for C.H. Robinson. Brent has been with C.H. Robinson for over 10 years and has spent the majority of that time consulting, engineering and implementing onsite at client locations. His experience spans multiple sectors with a focus on heavy manufacturing and automotive supply chains. In his current role, Brent oversees strategic customer engagements whereby leveraging account management talent and C.H. Robinson's broad menu of services to deliver on client expectations.

7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship

7 Ways to Create a Successful Onsite Resource Relationship.Transportfolio


So you’ve made the decision to outsource your company’s logistics and found a company to work with. Now what? You probably realize it’s critically important to keep everything flowing smoothly—especially during the transition. But figuring out how to do that may elude you. The answer may be to have someone from your new logistics outsource actually work in your building. An onsite resource is often a great option whether you’re getting started or have been outsourcing your logistics for years.
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