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About the Author

Bruce Christiansen — Supervisor, Sartell

Bruce has 36 years of experience in the transportation industry. He has worked for asset-based providers, and owned and operated his own brokerage firm. For the last six years, Bruce has worked for C.H. Robinson and brings a wealth of knowledge in the unique aspects involved in heavy haul freight.

Top 5 Commandments of Oversized Shipments

Flatbed transportation

What does U.S. geography have in common with shipping oversized items? Answer: a lot. Each state has different requirements for oversize shipments, so it’s important to know the legal requirements for each state. For that reason, and many others, navigating the specialized world of flatbed shipments can be tricky, especially when shipping oversized loads like tractors, combines, bulldozers, cranes, steel beams, wind blades or prefabricated homes. When preparing to move any flatbed load it’s important to know the exact dimensions and weight of your shipment in order to plan for the correct type of equipment, and make the delivery according to customer expectations. » Read More