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About the Author

Bryan Foe — President, Europe

Bryan D. Foe was named president of C.H. Robinson Europe in July 2012, having served as vice president of C.H. Robinson and president of T-Chek Systems since 2005. As President of C.H. Robinson Europe, Foe will lead the company's efforts to accelerate growth in the region from investments in the office network to developing talent and building relationships. Previous positions with the company include executive vice president, T-Chek, and manager of the Valley Forge, PA and Grand Rapids, MI offices. Bryan has been with C.H. Robinson since 1990 and attended the Detroit College of Business.

Mind the Gap: Global Vendor Management

Global Vendor Management icons

Have you traveled on a train in a European city? Chances are you heard some version of the phrase: Mind the Gap. The phrase cautions passengers to watch the gap between a train door and station platform. I think the same warning holds true for anyone who ships freight around the world. While cargo moves freely across continents, technology might lag behind, creating a gap. This is when communication breakdowns happen—currency and language translations fail—and we’re reminded to watch our step. Freight sails away from one port, disappears for days or weeks, and surfaces at a new port. Information gaps mask potential delivery failures. And no company likes botched deliveries. Is there any solution? » Read More