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About the Author

Chris Bryfogle — Director, Freight Consolidation & Optimization

Christopher Bryfogle is the director of freight consolidation and optimization at C.H. Robinson. Previously, he worked as a director of LTL sourcing, director of implementation, warehouse manager, and senior project manager for various global logistics companies. He’s a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, where he majored in Supply Chain and Information Systems Management.

7 Questions to Help You Decide: Is Retail Consolidation Right for Your Business?

7 Questions: Is a Retail Consolidation Program Right for Your Business? | Transportfolio


Shippers with less than truckload (LTL), partial, or underutilized truckload often benefit by employing a retail consolidation program. If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, a retail consolidation opportunity may be right for your business.
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With Retail Consolidation, Any Size Company Can Play in the Big Leagues

Retail Consolidation

As any retailer knows, it’s tricky to balance smaller inventories with the amount of product needed on store shelves to capture sales. But it’s just as tough for suppliers to figure out a way to send their products to retailers frequently without their transportation costs spiraling out of control. That’s why many suppliers are turning to specialty retail consolidators, who can coordinate their transportation to meet strict delivery appointments—even if their volumes are very small. » Read More

3 Best Practices for Consolidating LTL Freight

Freight consolidation

It’s a logistics conundrum that almost every shipper faces: how to best route freight that is more than 6 pallets but not enough for a full truckload. LTL may not be your best option because most common LTL carriers shy away from these high pallet count loads. So if they do take them, you could end up paying cost equivalent to a truckload—or even more! And in some cases choosing truckload service may be a less eco-friendly choice because of the unused space. This is the spot where freight consolidators can add value and efficiency to the supply chain. » Read More