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About the Author

Chris O'Brien — Chief Commercial Officer

Chris O'Brien was named Chief Commercial Officer at C.H. Robinson in December 2014, having served as senior vice president since 2012. Chris joined C.H. Robinson in 1993 and has served as the manager of the Raleigh, North Carolina branch as well as general manager and later president of the company's European division. Chris has global enterprise wide responsibility for all customer related strategy and functions including overseeing sales, account management, and marketing. In addition to corporate support for these functions, his teams oversee the Global Account Centers and lead the company’s integrated relationships through the Collaborative Outsource® solutions portfolio. Chris started in sales and account management roles at the company’s Chicago South office, and later was a C.H. Robinson on-site representative at a major global grocery retailer working on a supply chain reengineering project focused on inbound logistics conversion. Chris is a member of Logistics Quarterly’s advisory board and also serves on the Board of Trustees of the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Alma College in Michigan.

Differentiating Your Business as You Build Your Global Presence

Global Presence

You already have a great product—or else you wouldn’t be contemplating going global. Whether you’re a coffee bean startup, an auto manufacturer, or a third party logistics company (3PL), becoming global is a decision. It can be a natural progression . . . for some. Once you choose to develop your global presence, what matters most is becoming great at what you do and setting yourself apart, in every region you choose. » Read More

What if Your Supply Chain was Your Competitive Advantage?

What if Your Supply Chain was Your Competitive Advantage?

Accelerate your Advantage

Your supply chain is getting the job done, but is it giving your company a competitive advantage? The global marketplace gives customers a plethora of choices, and that means that the competition is fierce. Every part of your business needs to pull its weight to drive overall success, including your supply chain. Whether you ship product locally or across the globe, your supply chain does more than move product from point A to point B. It’s a vital piece of your business. What if your supply chain was your competitive advantage?
» Read More

Build Resilience into Your Supply Chain

Build Resilience into Your Supply Chain

Supply chain resiliency

It’s not if you’ll run into trouble, but when. That’s what some motorcyclists say. They’re preparing themselves, just in case—something that supply chain managers should also do. For instance, say a natural disaster occurs. When will you develop a mitigation strategy? After the disaster, when you’re dealing with system failures? Or before, when you can still have time to identify and evaluate the weakest links and develop a plan to circumvent potential disruptions? » Read More

Strategically Managing Your Spend: An Infographic

Manage Spend

The first three quarters of 2014 impacted a lot of supply chain budgets. The combination of inclement weather, capacity shortages, and stiff marketplace competition had many companies spending more than budgeted.

When budgets are affected, organizations often take it to mean they need to focus on spending less. However, spending less usually only leads to short term success. » Read More

Your Supply Chain: More than an Expense, a Competitive Advantage

Your Supply Chain: More than an Expense, a Competitive Advantage

AYA Competitive Advantage

Often, supply chains are viewed as an unavoidable expense in business—a drain rather than an advantage. Yet, certain market changes have increased the number of companies that realize their supply chain can be so much more. In fact, a solid supply chain can be the advantage that sets you apart from competitors. In a global market, there’s almost always another company out there similar to yours—someone else with the same rates, same service, and same products. But the company that uses their supply chain strategically can stand out from the rest and win more business. » Read More