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About the Author

Jason Craig — Director, Government Affairs

Jason has 20 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of government policies. He monitors regulatory and legislative issues impacting the transportation and produce industries for C.H. Robinson. Jason is member of the Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee (MFAC) and serves as an election judge in the City of Minneapolis.

NAFTA, Tariffs, and a Border Adjustment Tax: Alphabet Soup or a Real Concern?


Trade policy—it’s a topic that has moved front and center over the past months with the changing administration in the United States. We’re hearing lots of questions from shippers, contract carriers, and employees about what changes might be on the horizon for global trade and how to consider what might be next. Let’s dig in and discuss some of the top trade related issues. » Read More

Contemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day

Contemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day.Transportfolio


Well, it’s finally Election Day! This election cycle has brought out many areas of disagreement; however, investment in transportation infrastructure in the United States is not one of them. Agreement on this point is strong, yet details like how to pay for infrastructure and trade policy seem to have no consensus whatsoever. It makes you wonder if anything bold could ever happen again in transportation legislation.
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Point: Why Allowing Driverless Trucks on Public Highways is Still More Than 10 Years Away

Why Allowing Driverless Trucks on Public Highways is Still More Than 10 Years Away


Driverless trucks have the potential to deliver a number of important commercial and societal benefits, but don’t expect to actually see one on the open highway any time soon.

The commercial arguments in favor of the technology are persuasive. One of the key arguments is that driver shortages, a problem that has dogged the trucking industry for many years, would no longer be an issue if vehicles were automated. Eliminating human drivers would also free the industry of hours of service regulations and improve the utilization of our roads because automated control systems support denser traffic flows. » Read More

How the ELD Mandate Will (and Won’t) Change the Marketplace


The recent electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has brought up a lot of questions. A few weeks ago, we looked at providing some of the basic information about the mandate. Today I want to answer some of the more specific questions about how the mandate will influence the market—and how it won’t.
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