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About the Author

Kevin McCarthy — Director of Consulting Services

Kevin McCarthy is a director of C.H. Robinson consulting services with over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry. Prior to joining the company, Kevin gained extensive transportation experience working for both large and small shippers. He has an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business.

Don’t Waste Your Time Playing Truckload Fuel Surcharge Games

Don’t Waste Your Time Playing Truckload Fuel Surcharge Games

Fuel Game

Over the last few years, both gas and diesel fuel prices have been trending downwards. While lower prices at the pump probably bring welcome savings to your personal pocketbook, changing fuel prices impact the trucking industry in a different way, thanks to fuel surcharge programs. » Read More

What REALLY Impacts Carrier Rates and Service—Lead Time

Chapter 1: What REALLY Impacts Carrier Rates and Service—Lead Time.Transportfolio


Truckload service may seem like an art to some. But it’s most definitely a science. Over time, you develop ideas about how to improve a process. But until you can actually prove it, it’s just a hypothesis. That’s why truckload and supply chain research is so important. Because the findings can actually prove (or disprove) a theory. The results can improve your truckload rates and services and ultimately help you develop better working relationships with carriers.
» Read More

Counterpoint: Why Trucks Will Uncouple from Human Drivers Sooner than You Think

Why Trucks Will Uncouple from Human Drivers Sooner than You Think


The driverless truck is no longer a fanciful idea that will materialize in some future world. The technology has advanced rapidly over recent years, and I believe that we’ll see these automated vehicles on our highways in the near future. Here’s why. » Read More

Why Do Transportation Budgets Fail?

Why Do Transportation Budgets Fail?


Why do transportation budgets fail? It’s a thorny topic, even for transportation professionals trying to trace an increase back to its source. Imagine what it’s like for senior executives who have no background in transportation as they try to understand it.

At a CSCMP conference session, participants offered case after case of how business decisions—both unintentional and intentional—can wreak havoc on transportation spend. » Read More

How to Sidestep This Unexpected Outcome of the Shutdown

Government Shutdown and Truckload Transportation

As the government shutdown grinds into its third week businesses are being disrupted in a number of surprising ways, and one of them is the levying of fuel surcharges.

Most transportation contracts with a fuel surcharge table rely on a small agency called the Energy Information Agency (EIA) within the Department of Energy to report weekly national average diesel prices. Every Monday around 5:00 p.m. EST, someone within your company could well visit the EIA website to check the latest average diesel price. » Read More