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About the Author

Robert Iaria — Manager of Reverse Logistics

Robert oversees C.H. Robinson’s Reverse Logistics Division where he has developed capabilities to meet a wide-range of customer needs. He joined C.H. Robinson in 2000 and has held various leadership and account management positions in that time. His current interests are maximizing inventory recovery value and implementing zero-waste initiatives within reverse supply chains.

5 Ways Reusable Cargo Drives Sustainability

Reusable Cargo

As C.H. Robinson continues to develop Reverse Logistics solutions for our client base, I see a wide range of client needs and capability requirements. There has been a strong trend in recent years to take a closer look at efficiently managing reverse logistics flows as shippers realize the positive impact a best-in-class process can have on their bottom line. Additionally, shippers are turning to Reverse Logistics programs to drive their sustainability initiatives forward. » Read More