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About the Author

Tad Anderson — Reverse Logistics Manager

Tad Anderson has over 16 years of experience at C.H. Robinson, currently serving as Reverse Logistics Manager. His current roles include developing and refining third party Reverse Logistics service offerings, creating and maintaining operational efficiencies, and strategic account management.

The Secrets to a Solid Reverse Logistics Strategy

The Secrets to a Solid Reverse Logistics Strategy

reverse logistics

The holiday season is a time for traditions. Baking cookies, spending time with family, and exchanging gifts are all pretty common this time of year. Another tradition is inevitably returning some of those gifts. No matter what you return this time of year (a sweater that’s too small, your child’s duplicate toy, or a truly ugly vase) you’re probably expecting long lines, frustrated retail workers, and an overall feeling of inconvenience. But what happens to those and other “unwanted” items? Reverse logistics may come into play. » Read More