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About the Author

Tim Krech — Manager

Tim is the Manager of C.H. Robinson sourcing division direct store delivery (DSD) programs and he based out of Eden Prairie, MN. Tim focuses on creating efficiencies for small orders with a short lead time, full perishable outsource programs, one-time special/holiday deliveries and customized order management platforms that send orders directly from the grower/producer to the store. He is also the Navisphere Sourcing Project Lead for the sourcing division and works closely with the IT teams to help drive efficiencies in our systems. Tim has been with C.H. Robinson 10 years and graduated with from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

How Direct Store Delivery Retains Customers and Eliminates Bottlenecks

Direct Store Delivery

As a thirty something consumer, my day usually ends with a rush to pick up baby items, a few groceries, and maybe flowers to mend a morning mishap.  One stop shopping for me is vital since my family time is really valuable to me.  So when I go into a store and they don’t have an item that I am looking for, I get frustrated. When it happens, I am tempted to leave my cart and go someplace else where I can get everything I need, especially if I know that it is in season. For me, that item is blueberries and, recently, sweet potatoes for Christmas. » Read More