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About the Author

Tim Reiff — Director of Air Services, Americas

Tim has over 12 years of experience in the transportation industry and currently oversees C.H. Robinson’s air freight product for the Americas continents. Previously, he managed the North American air gateways, and the US domestic air division. Tim received his degree in Economics from the University of Texas.

Will Jet Fuel Surcharges be a Thing of the Past?


For some time, airlines have been using a pricing structure that included various surcharges. Fuel, security, and other surcharges served to help air carriers recover fluctuating external costs, like skyrocketing fuel prices or the added expenses tied to changing security measures. Miscellaneous fees have become familiar costs, but we’re on the cusp of a pricing structure shift.
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The Pros and Cons of Air Charter Service

transportfolio-air-charterOn a personal level we’ve all thought about chartering an entire plane to some far off, exotic locale at some point or another. Not having to deal with long lines, cramped leg room, and strangers in the next aisle over sounds like paradise, especially for people who fly often. For many of us, this will only ever be wishful thinking because many times the negative aspects of flying via private plane outweigh the positives. However, that may not be the case when shipping your cargo. » Read More