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In the Supply Chain? You’re the Hero of this Holiday Story


I try not to limit thankfulness to one day in November, but to make it part of my everyday life. And what I can’t help thinking about is the humbling fact that I’m part of an amazing industry—one that keeps economies and people flourishing around the world every day. If you play a role in any kind of supply chain, you’re the hero of this story. This blog post is for you.

When you think of transportation and logistics having a cast of millions, it’s not hard to be amazed at how many people it requires.

It takes innovators and thinkers who create and run the businesses with products to ship.

It takes the people who grow or make those products and package them and prepare them for shipment.

And it takes men and women who touch those packages and load and unload them and bring them to market.

So thanks to all of you, our everyday heroes. Whether you make and ship products, haul them, stock them, or sell them, you make a difference in our lives. All of it happens in the background, and when it’s done well, people in the market don’t give a thought to the magic of how the products got there.

Of course, none of it just happens. You know that it requires coordination and cooperation and care, to do it right. So do we.

Special thanks to the tens of thousands of you, our customers, carriers, and suppliers, who make all of it happen, every single day. Thank you for trusting us to share your goals and work alongside you over the past 110 years, and counting. Thanks to those of you who voted us the Inbound Logistics top third party logistics provider (3PL) for the fifth year in a row.

We wouldn’t be here without your support. You’ve made us who and what we are today, and I thank you for it. And as the world changes faster than ever, please know that we are aggressively investing in our business and capabilities to ensure that we continue to provide the high level of service we know you expect.

P.S. Transportfolio blog posts will resume after the New Year. Happy holidays!


J. Slivoski

And I'd like to thank all of the people at C.H. Robinson's Indianapolis and Chicago offices for helping me do the best job I can of getting products where they need to be when they need to be there. I couldn't do it without the help of my C.H. Robinson partners.



Ray Huber

CH Robinson is a wonderful company to follow, it seems you are always at the forefront of technology to deliver great service and meet your clients expectations.



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