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Looking Back on a Fulfilling Career in the Transportation Industry

T-Blog_MarkBInterviewMark Bogucki, our general manager in Kansas City, recently announced he would retire at the end of 2015. Since joining C.H. Robinson in September 1979, he has seen tremendous change in the transportation industry. I asked Mark to share some of those memories and other insights gleaned throughout his more than 35 years with the company. » Read More

Life Lessons from My Dad

transportfolio-fathers-dayEveryone has a father, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a dad. Dads teach us how to ride bikes, throw baseballs, and treat others with respect. I was one of the lucky ones; my dad was always there for me. Now, as I take a step back, I realize many of the life lessons he taught me—mostly by example—are the same lessons I’ve applied to my career and life in general. Here are a few of the key life lessons he taught me that I use every day.


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Market Update: Transportation Industry News

AttractiveFreight_Rates_8_1_13Washington is once again working to address infrastructure spending. They may kick the can down the road with a temporary bill and follow up with a more permanent solution. Options being discussed in the public sphere include raising the retail and/or wholesale fuel tax or repatriating foreign earnings taxes. Read more on infrastructure funding and other relevant transportation industry news in this month’s Market Update, and then share your thoughts on these topics. » Read More

Why We Bought Freightquote

FreightquoteEcommerce is going to be a bigger part of future supply chain services. Our recent acquisition of Freightquote brings us a talented team of logistics professionals who understand truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal services. It also provides a leading ecommerce site we can integrate into our existing technology infrastructure to better serve all of our customers. » Read More

Analytics Leaders Discuss the Internet of Things

Analytics Leaders Discuss the Internet of Thingsg

Predictive Analytics

Smart homes, connected cars, and intelligent factories have become mainstream. These innovative assets, built and driven by harnessing big data and predictive analytics, create consumer and business environments where “I Want What I Want When I Want It” (“IWWIWWIWI”) is not only justifiable, but increasingly the societal standard.
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