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4 Reasons We Love the Drivers Who Keep Our World Moving

4 Reasons We Love the Drivers Who Keep Our World Moving


This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, a time to show our gratitude to the 3.5 million men and women who keep our lives and businesses moving. Last year we shared obscure truck driving facts, this year I wanted to focus on stories from our people. » Read More

How I Helped Create a Mobile App

How I Helped Create a Mobile App.The Road

Tblog_Nav carrier2

By now, you’ve likely seen that C.H. Robinson has released a new mobile app for contract carriers. What you might not know is that they built it for carriers, with carriers. Since C.H. Robinson is a 3PL, not a contract carrier, you might think they don’t know our business enough to build an app specifically for carriers. But, you’d be wrong. My company, Sanchez Transports, was one of the first contract carriers working with C.H. Robinson to help them build the app that already helps me run my business better.
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The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It?

Why Trucking Industry’s Image Should Change – Transportfolio


Editor’s note: This post originally ran on The Road, and we’re sharing it here, too, because this important topic impacts all of us. We value our carrier relationships and the important role drivers play in our industry.

Typically, as we reach this halfway point in the year, I like to discuss current, top-trending issues. Today, though, I’d like to talk about something else that has been on my mind lately: the image of trucking.
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A Core Carrier +1 (CC+1) Strategy: The Best of Both Worlds?


The majority of capacity in today’s truckload marketplace comes from a fragmented base of carriers. Handling so many carrier relationships internally can be cost prohibitive. It doesn’t make sense to manage 50 relationships when you’re shipping in only a few lanes. It’s kind of a double-edged sword though because without a lot of carrier relationships, it might be hard to get capacity when you need it. That’s where a Core Carrier +1 (CC+1) model comes in.
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As the Market Turns: Preparing for the Next Upswing in Carrier Rates

As the Market Turns: Preparing for the Next Upswing in Carrier Rates.Transportfolio


Rates represent a constant dilemma between shippers and carriers. Shippers face continual pressures to reduce costs, but truckload transportation providers expect to be paid fairly for their services as their costs, maintenance, and equipment quality continue to increase.
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