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Winning Together: Vote for C.H. Robinson as Your Top 3PL


As a 13-year C.H. Robinson employee, I can say this with certainty: I’m really proud of the work my colleagues do every day.

C.H. Robinson has an expansive network of talented supply chain professionals who are committed to doing great work for you, the shippers, carriers, suppliers, vendors, and companies we work with. So imagine my surprise and gratitude when, last year, I was chosen as one of four C.H. Robinson employees to be featured in our quest to earn the top spot on the Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards list.
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110 Years of Innovation and Still Shaping the Future

CHR 110 year blog image finalC.H. Robinson has been an industry leader for 110 years. It seems like a long time. The world has changed so much since 1905. But some things are still the same. Things like cultural values and ethics. Things like customer service. These are the things that matter, the things that endure. People are still searching for the best fresh food at the best prices. Businesses are still trying to find the most effective, cost efficient way to transport and deliver their goods to customers. And C.H. Robinson is still committed to building strong carrier relationships and improving our customers’ supply chains, so we’ll never stop creating innovative supply chain solutions.

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C.H. Robinson is Proud to be Your #1 3PL for 5 Years in a Row


Thanks to your votes, C.H. Robinson was named the number one third party logistics provider (3PL) in the 2015 Inbound Logistics Top 3PL Excellence Awards. On behalf of C.H. Robinson employees around the world, I’d like to express our sincere gratitude for your support. We are incredibly humbled and proud to be your top choice for the fifth year in a row. » Read More

The Importance of Investing in People: How a Dynamic Workplace Culture Drives Success

The Importance of Investing in People: How a Dynamic Workplace Culture Drives Successy

Talent Update

It’s no secret that finding and retaining top talent in any industry is a challenge. This is especially true in the ever-changing world of supply chain management and logistics, but there is great growth opportunity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field is expected to grow rapidly, as companies all over the world need skilled logistics experts to move their products efficiently, solve problems, and identify areas for improvement.
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Fight for a Cause: Beating Hunger at Its Own Game

Fight for a Cause: Beating Hunger at Its Own Game

Food Fight

One of my all-time favorite TV show is Cheers. So when I hear the term “food fight,” I often think about the dysfunctional Cheers gang getting on each other’s nerves during Thanksgiving and the ensuing events that escalate into an all-out food fight. The scene was well-written, the buildup of tension was masterful, viewers like me wanted to be a part of it, and we wished it didn’t end. » Read More