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Transportation Policy

Sanitary Transportation of Food Rule: What You Need to Know

Sanitary Transportation of Food Rule: What You Need to Know | Transportfolio


Do you ship human food? What about perishable animal food? The Sanitary Transportation of Food rule, which is a part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), will take effect on April 1 for many in our industry. We have been getting a variety of questions around this ruling and what shippers and carriers need to do to prepare. In this blog, Chris McLoughlin, risk manager at C.H. Robinson, and I cover what you need to know.
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NAFTA, Tariffs, and a Border Adjustment Tax: Alphabet Soup or a Real Concern?


Trade policy—it’s a topic that has moved front and center over the past months with the changing administration in the United States. We’re hearing lots of questions from shippers, contract carriers, and employees about what changes might be on the horizon for global trade and how to consider what might be next. Let’s dig in and discuss some of the top trade related issues. » Read More

Contemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day

Contemplating the Roots of Our Industry this Election Day.Transportfolio


Well, it’s finally Election Day! This election cycle has brought out many areas of disagreement; however, investment in transportation infrastructure in the United States is not one of them. Agreement on this point is strong, yet details like how to pay for infrastructure and trade policy seem to have no consensus whatsoever. It makes you wonder if anything bold could ever happen again in transportation legislation.
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7 Things to Know: Sanitary Transportation of Food Final Rule

FDA temp control

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released text for the final rule for the Sanitary Transportation of Food as required by the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act. There were some significant changes made in response to comments when compared to the draft rule. Here are some quick things to know regarding this widely anticipated rule:

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