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110 Years of Innovation and Still Shaping the Future

CHR 110 year blog image finalC.H. Robinson has been an industry leader for 110 years. It seems like a long time. The world has changed so much since 1905. But some things are still the same. Things like cultural values and ethics. Things like customer service. These are the things that matter, the things that endure. People are still searching for the best fresh food at the best prices. Businesses are still trying to find the most effective, cost efficient way to transport and deliver their goods to customers. And C.H. Robinson is still committed to building strong carrier relationships and improving our customers’ supply chains, so we’ll never stop creating innovative supply chain solutions.

But at the core not much has changed. It’s still the same industry that we’ve been embedded in for more than a century. And it’s one that I think we’ll be perfecting for another century or more because of who we are.

We are leaders who know how to balance history, tradition, smarter planning, and good old fashioned hard work with creativity, innovation, and action. This infographic shows some of the many changes to C.H. Robinson and our industry in the last 110 years.

CHR 110 year blog click

We are inventors.
We helped shape this industry into what it is today. When North Dakotans needed fresh fruits and vegetables from the West Coast, we delivered. When the industry needed to apply advances in technology to supply chains, we deployed Navisphere®—the world’s first global logistics technology platform. When our customers needed to handle massive amounts of shipment information, we perfected data capture and offer analytics with customized insights and action items.

We are innovators.
Innovation always creates imitation. Unlike other organizations, we’ve always been committed to moving forward. We started with one person and one idea. In the last ten years we’ve skyrocketed from 4,806 people to over 12,600 people and every single one is capable of thousands of great ideas. And more importantly, we give all of them the power to explore, build, and execute on those ideas every single day. Because that’s what our customers expect from one of the world’s largest third party logistics providers—new solutions, creative ideas, and real answers.

We are shaping the future.
Over the years we’ve learned that what is good for the industry is also good for our customers, contract carriers, and suppliers, which is why we strive to give back to the industry as a whole. We publish thought leadership, speak at events and conferences, participate in government and industry organizations, and affiliate with university programs—all because to be a true leader, we need to help create a better future for our industry.

As 2015 closes, we are celebrating 110 years of C.H. Robinson. But more importantly, we’re celebrating all that C.H. Robinson has done and will do for the industry in the years to come. After all, we are inventors, we are innovators, and we will help shape the future of our supply chains and logistics in all corners of the world.






China Ludlow

Proud to be a part of this dynamic organization. Looking forward to continued successful innovation for decades to come.



Tom Stenzel

Chris, as United Fresh Produce Association is now celebrating our 113th year, many of the messages in your post ring true to me too. Innovation in new products, services and even lines of business characterize both of our histories. But cultural values, ethics and commitment to customer service are unwavering.

Congrats to the teams at CHR and Robinson Fresh!




C.H. Robinson is great!



Bart Van Sichem De Combe

The decision to step out of my comfort zone and seize the opportunity offered by Operations Director Europe, Eric Padmos, to apply for the challenge of opening a new global forwarding office in Antwerp for C.H. Robinson as Business Development Manager BELUX has been the best of my career so far.

C.H. Robinson is a truly unique American company which displays the best virtues of that great nation. It is no coincidence that after 110 years of expanding business C.H. Robinson succeeded in walking the talk and being a value-driven and ethical company which has a genuine interest and will actively support its only "physical" asset, its people, so that every customer gets the tailor-made solution they deserve, irrespective of the size of their company.

I have searched long and hard for a working place where entrepreneurship is not an ugly or dangerous word, but one of the true keys to success! After less than a year of very hard work and exceeding all expectations, not in the least our own, with a small but very dedicated and open, friendly team I am proud to be a part of this story.

I am sure that this spirit of win-win-win through ethical and dedicated business service will endure and will prove to be one of the major differentiators for achieving all that is said above by our President Global Forwarding, Mike Short. Great to be part of this team!



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