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Energizer Holdings: A Crossdocking Case Study

C.H. Robinson and Energizer Holdings Case Study

As companies grow into global contenders, often they notice their once simple, and easy to follow, processes gain layers of complexity. This is especially true for transportation and logistics. Working with multiple vendors, offering numerous products, or operating in several countries across the globe (or all of the above), are just a few of the challenges that can cause strain on any business.

Energizer Holdings faced these complications in their own supply chain. View the infographic below to see how successful the expansion of a crossdocking solution was for their global strategy.

C.H. Robinson energizer-case-study-infographic

C.H. Robinson's Energizer Case Study C.H. Robinson's Energizer Case Study C.H. Robinson's Energizer Case Study C.H. Robinson's Energizer Case Study The Energizer Holdings Company website. C.H. Robinson and Energizer Holdings solve a global supply chain challenge. C.H. Robinson website


While a global crossdocking situation may not be right in every situation, it certainly helped Energizer Holdings add consistency, transparency, and efficiency to their global supply chain. If you’re interested in learning more about Energizer Holdings and C.H. Robinson’s crossdocking solution, please download the full case study, Expansion of Global Crossdock Solution Creates a Competitive Advantage.


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