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Thank You for Trusting C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson

Inbound Logistics publishes annual results of its Top 10 3PL campaign in their July issue. In 2011 and 2012, customers voted and Inbound Logistics recognized C.H. Robinson as the #1 3PL.

With voting coming to a close for this year’s campaign, it would be an honor to receive your vote and win this prestigious recognition for the third consecutive year. I am always excited to hear what our customers have to say about our service, and this survey allows us to gain a better understanding of how we are doing in relation to delivering value to our customers. Not only do we appreciate positive feedback, we also take suggestions for improvement very seriously.

Success at C.H. Robinson is always determined by meeting and exceeding customer expectations. My favorite feedback has a common theme—the value, expertise, and commitment of our people. A recent submission highlights this well: “I can sum it up in your people, they care about my business.” Many others agree, and take the opportunity to recognize specific employee’s by name.

Feedback like this has validated my belief that it’s our people who continue to drive our business and earn the trust of our customers. Our corporate tagline, Accelerate Your Advantage®, isn’t something we simply just say or print. It’s a guiding principle we focus on when working side-by-side with customers to help increase their momentum and achieve their business goals. Our time and dedication to each customer really makes a difference.

C.H. Robinson is committed to you, your company, and your success. Being named Top 3PL for the third consecutive year would be an honor because it comes from you—OUR CUSTOMER! 

Let your voice be heard.


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