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The Power of Flowers: Valentine’s Day Logistics & Statistics

Floral Transportation

If you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, chances are that a bouquet of flowers will play some role in your day. With millions of flowers bought by consumers every Valentine’s Day, there is little doubt that colorful, fragrant blooms are a hallmark of the holiday.

Before anyone can say, “Be mine,” with a dozen flowers, months of detailed logistics go into the planning and execution of fresh floral deliveries. Shipping starts weeks before the holiday and involves careful cold chain management as flowers are warehoused, transported, and distributed.

Proper temperature control helps flowers stay dormant throughout the trip, giving them prolonged shelf life when they arrive at retailers—and making beautiful gifts for Valentines across the country. Shipping flowers requires special pre-trip procedures, cold chain management expertise, and comprehensive in-transit communication.

It is also important that fresh flowers do not stay in warehouses for long periods of time. Utilizing a warehouse that has a specialized floral facility can help with this— temperatures are kept perfect for blooms and employees are experienced in specialized floral shipping logistics. Watch this video to learn more about the unique processes around shipping fresh flowers.

Just how many fresh flowers are shipped for Valentine’s Day? 

Here are some Valentine’s Day statistics.

Floral Infographic

Final thoughts

The sheer number of flowers shipped each year for Valentine’s Day— plus the fact that they need to be kept in cool temperatures— provides a retail logistics challenge. In order to ensure that blooms get to their recipients on time and looking beautiful, prepare your supply chain ahead of time.

Products that need refrigeration or freezing, like flowers, require extra attention. Learn more about temperature-controlled shipping processes.


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