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Countdown to Black Friday: Shoppers are Ready. Are You?

Countdown to Black Friday: Shoppers are Ready. Are You?.Transportfolio


There has been talk among retail analysts that Black Friday crowds aren’t arriving in the same massive, frenzied fashion they once did, and sales numbers aren’t tallying up to the record-breaking amounts of years past. It makes sense: what was once a single, concentrated day of bargains on Black Friday now competes with Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, and a myriad of sales and specials that run throughout the holiday shopping season.

But there’s no decline in the time, knowledge, and effort that shippers and transportation professionals put into the preparation and execution it takes to get products to market in time for consumers to do their holiday shopping—whenever, and however, they inevitably decide to do it. Because one thing’s for sure: without logistics, goods can’t move through the supply chain from manufacturers and factories to distribution centers (DCs), warehouses, and retail locations across the country.

Our Countdown to Black Friday series has been covering several aspects of the supply chain—from transportation to technology—that impact Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. Read on for a recap of the series, and tune in two weeks from now for one final post.

Post 1: From across Oceans to Store Shelves
Planning for the seasonal surge starts months in advance—a step that’s even more critical when your freight needs to cross oceans. One disruption—like a weather-related incident, a sudden shift in consumer demand or ocean capacity, or a business impact, like labor disputes or the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy—and the entire supply chain can come to a halt. And for many, that’s simply not an option. Read more.

Post 2: Are You an Easy Target for Cargo Theft?
Holiday weekends and the weeks leading up to Black Friday are prime times for organized crime groups to target the trucks, warehouses, and DCs that send or receive consumer goods. So what can you do to protect yourself? Here are three precautions to take to protect your freight.

Post 3: 2 Tips to Help Ease the Customs Process

Before they get to market, imported goods need to clear customs. And with an increase in shipments by land, air, and sea, it’s important to know that your customs broker is ready to handle the surge. What should you talk to your customs broker about? Get two important tips in this post.

Post 4: How LTL Can Be Part of a Well-Rounded Strategy
As we get closer to the big day, less than truckload (LTL) and small parcel shipments will continue to play a big role in keeping goods flowing from manufacturers and DCs to warehouses and retail locations. Learn more about the options.

Post 5: Is Your Supply Chain Wired for Success?
Your supply chain is only as good as the technology platform backing it, so it’s crucial to make sure your third party logistics provider (3PL) has the stable systems and scalability to handle peak volumes. Here are four questions to ask your 3PL to better grasp the technology capabilities they provide.

Post 6: It’s the Final Countdown, So Get Your Shipments Up in the Air

Air cargo adds efficiency and flexibility to your supply chain and better equips you to quickly replenish inventory as consumers sweep through aisles or fill their online shopping carts. Here are three things to keep in mind as we enter the fast-paced final stretch of Black Friday and Cyber Monday preparation.


Editor’s note: As one of the United States’ biggest single shopping days of the year nears—and the unofficial start of the U.S. consumer holiday shopping season begins—we’re highlighting several areas of logistics that are integral in making Black Friday possible. Check back in two weeks for the final installment of the Countdown to Black Friday series.



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